Our Impact


Raise the Barr is building its programming and priorities based on research around single parent families, which widely supports a two- generation (2GEN) approach to moving families out of poverty. Under this approach, Raise the Barr collaborates with other charitable organizations and corporate partners to ensure single-parent families gain access to a variety of comprehensive community resources.  We work together to remove the obstacles to higher education for single parents by providing access to such services as affordable safe housing, career-track college education, quality early childhood education, empowerment and life-skills, social capital within a supportive community. 

Impact Highlights INCLUDE

  • 91% of our students are still in school or have graduated.

  • 5 of our students recently graduated.

  • 4 emergency grants have been distributed to students at Jeremiah Program

  • 5 emergency grants have been distributed to students at University of Minnesota

  • An emergency grant application recently was launched for single parents in California

Raise the Barr has also established emergency grant funds at Jeremiah Program Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. Unexpected urgent expenses are one of the leading reasons single parents drop out of post-secondary education. Often these expenses occur just as the student is preparing to graduate, in their fifth or sixth year of studies, and they have run out of funding options.

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