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Anthony Barr Announces Emergency Funds Help Single Parent Scholars →

Raise the Barr Emergency Funds Help Single Parent Scholars Complete College

(Minneapolis, MN) –Raise the Barr, a charitable fund established in 2016 by Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr and his mother Lori Barr, is pleased to announce that it has awarded grants to Jeremiah Program (Twin Cities) and University of Minnesota’s Student Parent Help Center (SPHC) to launch a Raise the Barr Emergency Fund at each charity.   Raise the Barr is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through access to education

Research has shown that unexpected events such as a car breaking down or a childcare worker getting sick, are often enough of a financial obstacle to prevent single parents from continuing their post-secondary education.  Raise the Barr Emergency Fund grants will help students address these unexpected expenses and stay in school.  

“We are excited to partner with Jeremiah Program and University of Minnesota’s Student Parent HELP center on distributing emergency grants to single parents in the Twin Cities,” said Anthony Barr. “It’s just one way we are expanding our efforts with both charities to ensure that single parents have the resource they need to graduate so their families can thrive.”

Recently, Raise the Barr announced tuition scholarships to two students attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and one participating in the Jeremiah Program.

“This gift allows us to further support student parents and help them stay in school,” said Susan Warfield, director of the U of M Student Parent HELP Center. “Anthony and Lori’s passion for access to education as a means to break the cycle of poverty mirrors that of the SPHC. Their gift and commitment to student parents will make a real impact on our program and families we serve.”

In December, in collaboration with the Vikings and Country Financial, Raise the Barr helped open a computer lab at Jeremiah Program.  During the NFL season, Anthony Barr regularly visits with the children in the Jeremiah Program’s daycare.  

Future collaborative efforts will be announced soon.