Apply for an Emergency Grant or Scholarship

Raise the Barr is committed to supporting single parents in the desire to further their education. Our goal is to assist single parents in their efforts to overcome poverty and/or difficult financial circumstances, and provide a better life for themselves and their children by advancing their careers through higher education and training.



Raise the Barr partnered with Jeremiah Program and the University of Minnesota to establish Emergency Grants at those institutions.  Students must either be a current or former resident of Jeremiah Program or a student at University of Minnesota to apply and must apply directly to the respective institution for a grant.  Raise the Barr does not directly distribute emergency grants in Minnesota.


Los Angeles

Single parents in Los Angeles who are pursuing a post-secondary education, may apply for an emergency grant from Raise the Barr ONLY if they are currently working with one of the following organizations: UCLA Students with Dependents program, Jenesse Center for Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention, Santa Monica College, and Upward Bound House for homeless families.  Raise the partner has partnered with these organizations to ensure that our grantees will simultaneously receive comprehensive guidance and services.  Emergency Grants are intended as one-time assistance to help remove the obstacles to graduations


Scholarship APPLICATIONS STATUS: CLOSED & RE-openS In 2019

In 2018, we accepted applications from June 15 - November 15. We will announce when the 2019 cycle is open. For further questions, inquiries, or if you had trouble accessing the online version please email us at  For all applications that were sent via US mail, an email will be sent to applicant upon receipt. 

Only single parents who are attending post-secondary school and are from California or Minnesota are eligible to apply.  Qualified scholarship recipients may receive awards that may be applied to tuition, books, and childcare needs.